Wordless Wednesday

Okay…maybe not completely wordless.
My Burger is sick…potentially VERY sick.
In exactly 2 weeks, it will be one whole year since I lost Oreo.
I don’t know how a whole year has passed by.
I never thought that I could survive a day without him, much less a year.  He was my heart, and Burger is my soul.

Burger hasn’t been the same since Oreo left us.
He was always so playful, always grooming Oreo and Frenchie.
Since Oreo has been gone, Burger tends to keep to himself.  Occasionally I’ll see him play with a toy when there are no other cats around, but otherwise, he just likes to sleep and stare out the window at the birds.  He still misses Oreo just as much as I do.

I’m so scared.
I can’t lose him too.

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