Spending a few hours at the emergency vet with Burger this afternoon had my nerves going into overdrive.  In an attempt to calm myself down, I decided to brainstorm a list of fun ways to spend my summer.  Last year, I spent my only day off every week either drinking away my misery or sleeping until 4 pm and then binge-watching whatever show happened to be on ION.  Yes, I was miserable dealing with my loss of Oreo, but I completely wasted my summer.  Being at the emergency vet made tons of memories flash over me of all the times I spent in various hospitals with Oreo.  One of those memories included the bucket list I made for Oreo.  I had so much fun checking off all of our adventures!  So…in an attempt to recreate that fun and to have a summer full of making memories, I decided to create a summer bucket list for myself.


Do any of you have things you want to make sure you do this summer?  What are they?  Even more importantly…do any of you want to help me accomplish my to-do list?!

Happy Summer!

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