13 Of The Best Gifts for Pet Moms!

 Happy Mothers Day to all of the human AND pet moms out there!  On this beautiful (but chilly) relaxing day, I spent some time browsing Amazon, looking for a perfect gift for myself.  What?  My cats can’t buy me presents, so I have to do it for them!  Here are some things that I stumbled across and fell in love with:

  1. This shirt, which perfectly describes how I felt every single day off last year.  The only times I ever wanted to talk to anyone other than Oreo was when I was saying “Thank You” to the delivery man dropping off a pizza.


2.   I can’t fall asleep unless at least one of my pets are right there next to me.


This pillow just may make it a little bit easier if I ever need to stay the night somewhere else.

3.                                               Why is this so cute?!


And, just like that, I suddenly need to own more jewelry.

4.                              I’m feline myself with this flask (ha ha ha).


Anytime, anywhere, if I need to take the edge off…I can do so in purrfect fashion.

5.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything more perfect for me in my life!


Matching shirts for one of the cats (or for Skai) and I?  Awesome!  The fact that it’s of a Burger and French Fries?  It’s destiny.

6.  Adorn your nails with these adorable dog-themed nail decals!


With Summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a mani/pedi anyway…why not take the opportunity to show the world your love for your pet?!

7.  I can’t think of any better motivation to learn how to bake than these kitty cookie cutters!


These would not only be perfect to make cookies for humans, but how cute would cat-shaped cat treats be?

8.                                           A super amazing kitty hoodie!

Capture Because duh.

9.                                  The cutest toilet brush you’ll ever see.


Because if you need to have a toilet brush in the house, it might as well be cute AF.

10.                 A dog measuring cup/measuring spoon set!


More motivation for me to learn how to cook!

11.   I’ve been trying to work on my green thumb, and this succculant planter is a super cute addition to my hopefully soon to be blossoming garden.


12.   Literally the cutest bath mat I’ve ever seen in my life.


This would look great in any room in my house, now that I think about it.  It’s so cute that I’d almost feel bad stepping on it.

13.        Last but not least, these unbreakable wine glasses that are purrfect for lounging on the beach!


I may or may not have bought the majority of the things on this list.  Partly because I have no self-control, and partly because…YOLO.

Happy Mothers Day!


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