Meet French Fry!

Soooo, one of the items on Oreo’s bucket list was to get him a brother or sister.  Enter, French Fry the cat!  Initially I was going to get him a doggy brother or sister, which I still plan to do…but at this time, I thought a kitty friend would be better.  Not only will Burger have a friend to hang out with while Oreo’s on his puppy play dates or at his doctor appointments, but Oreo won’t have to get to know a new sibling while he isn’t feeling well.  When he is hopefully responding better to his chemo, we will explore getting him a doggy friend 🙂


French Fry was on PetFinders website.  I initially applied for her brother, but he had already been adopted at that point.  Her name was originally Twix, and I got the chance to meet her at an adoption event.  I completely fell in love.  Her foster mom said that she was a very shy cat and takes awhile to warm up to new people; but she immediately seemed to bond to me.  I spent probably an hour petting her head and getting little kitty kisses.  I wound up officially adopting her on Wednesday!  She is just over 4 months old, and is an absolute doll.  I elected to change her name to French Fry – aka Frenchie – after strongly considering the name Milkshake first!  I just loved the idea of having a Burger and Fries!


Her first day home, Frenchie decided that Oreo makes a really good snuggle buddy.  She was a little afraid of him, and when he would let out a sneeze she would run away and hide.  But when he was sleeping, she would curl up behind him and cuddle him.  That first day, she also succeeded in terrifying Burger.  He would wander over to see who the newbie was, and she would growl and hiss at him.  Then HE would run away…even though he is easily three times her size.  Day 2 started out the same way, and I was a little bit nervous to leave them alone while I took Oreo to his chemo appointment.  When I got home, I walked in to Burger and Frenchie laying on the couch together, Frenchie grooming Burger’s ears.  I’ve been trying to get a picture of them together, but most of the time when they are together they’re playing so energetically that all I get is a super fuzzy picture.


Thursday Oreo and I made the trip to Syracuse to meet with his Oncologist.  The trip didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  His doctor said that Oreo isn’t responding to his chemo treatments, and that we would have to switch him.  He didn’t get any treatments on Thursday, and won’t get any more chemo until the 9th.  He also got taken off of his anti-inflammatory, and is being switched to another one.  Since then, his nasal swelling has increased dramatically, and he has sneezed out blood several times.  I got home from work yesterday to blood all over the hallway – the walls, the floor, i even found some close to the ceiling.  The blood sprays EVERYWHERE because when he sneezes he shakes his head, making the entire area around him look like a murder scene.

So, Oreo was taken off of Previcox, and is going to be starting on Piroxicam as soon as we get it from the compounding pharmacy.   And he was taken off of cisplatin (his chemo), and will be getting an IV drip of gemcitabine chemotherapy when we go back on March 9th.  I am so scared that it won’t work, but hoping for the best.  I wanted to take Oreo for walks with the beautiful weather we’ve had over the past 2 days, but since he’s been off of his Previcox he’s been sneezing a lot more.  When he starts a sneezing fit, he’ll start to sneeze so violently that his head will smack off of the floor.  So, I’ve been keeping him mainly on my bed and on the couch so when he smacks his head it will at least be on something soft.


So, for now, Oreo gets to spend his time cuddling with his new sister.  Please keep your fingers crossed for him for the next few weeks, and for his body to respond to his next round of meds.


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