It’s been awhile

I completely forgot about this blog for awhile! I’ve noticed that I’ll have spurts where I want to write about every idea I have and everything that has happened to me; and then I’ll wind up going months without posting. 

Zucchini enjoying the lake for the first time this spring

How is everyone surviving this COVID nightmare? I’m glad that I still have a job & everything, but I’m really jealous of everyone who is working from home or on furlough! Every day gets harder and harder to get out of bed. The fact that the world seems to have gone batshit crazy doesn’t help anything either. Is it just me, or are people more rude than ever?? I saw something on the news about some barber working during all of this illegally who was diagnosed with covid. He potentially has spread that to dozens of people, all because he felt that he was above the law. Like it or not, these rules are put in place to HELP us…to help stop the disease from spreading even faster. Don’t even get me started on the conspiracy theorists…

I’ve been watching this show lately called The Fosters. It’s a really cute show…although some episodes are so full of suspense it’s ridiculous lol. It reminded me how someday I would love to foster some kids…older ones, who are often ignored in the system. I’ve always said that if one day I ever decide that I want kids I would adopt; fostering seems like a good way to start that someday. SOMEDAY. Not any time soon lol. I’m in no way financially or emotionally ready to take on such a big task. 

I’ve been killing time playing on Chumba Casino lately. I’ve put sooo much money in, but I’ve hit some big wins like this one as well! I’m addicted. 

OH! This isn’t related to anything, but I discovered a way to mass delete comments on Instagram! I don’t know if it’s a new feature or not, but I’ve never noticed it before. When you click on a comment to delete it, there’s three dots next to it. If you click that, there’s an option to delete multiple comments at once! I thought that was pretty cool. Zucchini has been getting a ton of spam messages & comments lately, so it’s a useful feature for me. Do you follow Zu on insta? if not, get to it!

Okay, this was a pointless post, but I figured I should write something so that everyone knew I was alive 🤣

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