Yes, you read that right.   This week, Oreo had permission to pee on anything and everything he wanted.  I did not take as many pictures this week, for obvious reasons.


Oreo has always loved marking his territory, and apparently, if you ask him, he owns EVERYTHING.  Including a wonderful dog a few doors down who had the misfortune of playing with Oreo this week (sorry, Rudy!).  I’ve always tried to discourage his continual marking of everything, but this week I decided that since it’s something he apparently loves doing…I’ll let him go for it.  Lucky for me, the thought of peeing on anything inside of the house never occurred to him!

Notice the fallen “no trespassing” sign. Oreo peed on that, too.

This past week also marked Oreo’s second chemo treatment.  As always, he was a rockstar.  He was great for the long car ride there, and slept for most of the ride back home.  When we got there, he was super excited to greet everyone and make as many new doggy friends as he possibly could.  I swear, most of the time you would never guess how sick he is.  His Oncologist said that he was happy with his progress so far – previously, the tumor was growing and spreading SO rapidly, but he did not notice any major changes since his last visit.  Today is day 4 following chemo, and much like last time he has showed remarkable improvement!  The swelling in his neck lymph nodes is GONE.  It almost completely disappeared last time as well, but came back before his 3 week recheck.  Hopefully the swelling stays gone longer this time (or permanently!).


I got home from work today when the sun was still out (that seriously never happens these days), so I took Oreo out in the yard to play for a little bit.  He has a tennis ball in the yard that I’ve been trying for YEARS to teach him how to play with…he never seems to get it.  He’d always watch me throw it and then give me a dumbfounded look, as if to say “well…aren’t you going to go bring that back to me?”.  Today was a little bit different!   Sometimes when I threw the ball, he actually brought the ball back to me!  However…more often than not, he would pick it up and played with it by himself.  He’s not very good at catching things, so he’d run up to the ball and pounce on it, which would cause it to bounce away in a different direction, and he would chase after it again, repeating the cycle.  He actually did this for quite a few minutes before getting bored and telling me that it was way too cold and he wanted to go back inside.


I’ve been thinking A LOT recently about adding a new member to our family.  I would LOVE to get Oreo a doggy friend to play with – but with how little I’m home, I worry that it wouldn’t be fair to the new addition.  I work sooo many hours every week, and then would have to leave the new dog home alone (well…home with Burger) for just about a full day every 3 weeks while Oreo had his chemo treatment.  On the positive side, I KNOW that Oreo would benefit in so many ways from having a new doggy brother or sister.  I just don’t want to get one of I wouldn’t be able to give it the proper attention that it deserves.  So that got me thinking of maybe just getting another kitty for now.  Burger is VERY particular about what cats he gets along with (although he LOVES all dogs), so I would have to choose a new playmate very carefully.  But then Burger would never be home alone for hours at a time ever again while Oreo and I are at chemo, or at a doggy playdate, or fulfilling his Bucket List wishes.  I’m so torn right now!  I just know that there are soooo many animals out there who are in desperate need for a home…and my home definitely has the room for another family member.


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