It’s Awesome Being a Pet Mom

It is awesome being a pet mom.   I loved my pets dearly growing up, but Oreo brought it to a whole new level.  He brought so much joy to my life for nine years, five months and six days. I miss him so much. Oreo and I developed a special bond, and I’m forever grateful for all the amazing things he provided me.  After he came into my life, I noticed the rest of my pets started to become less like “pets” and more like “children” to me.  Each of them with their own distinct personalities; each of them unbelievably devoted and loving.


5 Reasons It’s Awesome to be a Pet Mom:

1.  Oreo gave me a reason to smile every single day.  His smile was contagious and brought happiness to my day, no matter how hard my day had been.

“Anyone can make you SMILE but it takes Someone Special to make You HAPPY.”


2.  Linus is teaching me to embrace my fears by being so adventurous.  My little noodle greets each day with a sense of bold adventure, he’s never afraid of anything.  He knows how to always bring out the best in me.


3.  Frenchie is always at my side when I need her most.  She was right next to me as I was grieving Oreos passing.  Most days, she was the sole reason that I would smile.  She would lay next to Burger, giving him comfort while he was mourning as well.  People who think that animals don’t feel emotions like people do could not be more wrong.  “There is no greater comfort than the silent devoted companionship of my cat.”


4.  “Life is a succession of moments, live each one as a Golden Moment.”  LIVE in the MOMENT is a positive way of living your life.  A wonderful dog lesson I am currently learning from Skai.  She is the most happy-go-lucky dog, treating each new experience as the most awesome, exciting moment she’s ever experienced.


5. Unconditional LOVE


Unconditional LOVE is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.  Burger has enriched my life in many ways.  He has loved me unconditionally for so many years since that very first moment I met him.  Burger was also Oreo’s best friend.  They bonded immediately and helped each other get through so many illnesses.  If they did not have each other to fall back on, I really don’t think Oreo would have lasted as long with his cancer as he did, and I don’t think Burger would have survived his blood clot.


If you’re lucky …
a dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything…

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