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Pet Shaming 101

I’m sure that at some point recently you’ve stumbled across of an example or two of pet shaming.  You know what I mean – the ones with a happy dog with a goofy expression on his face wearing a sign around his neck that says “Mom left the house for a few minutes to get the mail and I panicked and ate the couch”.   Or maybe one with a smug looking cat whose sign says “I puked in mom’s shoes – twice”.   These posts always make me laugh – in large part because I can relate to them so much!  My little monsters are ALWAYS getting into some kind of trouble.  I finally decided to start documenting their antics.  You’ll never guess who the first kitty to make it to the wall of shame was…Pet Shaming Linus

Of course, it was Linus.  Is anyone really surprised?  This little noodle is the sweetest kitty in the universe but gets in to SO.MUCH.TROUBLE!!

My personal theory is that cats do things to make you mad because they want to keep you on your toes.  They’re little assholes, but deep down want to make sure that you’re always ready for any unexpected disaster that may occur.  In a cats mind, the best way to prepare is by fishing your hair tie out of a toilet, or cleaning up a roll of paper towel that the cat wrapped throughout the entire house.  It helps you keep your eyes open, get some exercise, and hopefully be prepared for any pending doom.

Dogs, on the other hand, are the complete opposite.  I think of dogs like over-excited toddlers.  Little kids who ate too much sugar.  They get SO EXCITED to see your car pulling into the driveway that the only appropriate way to show you how happy they are to see you is to dive right through the screen door to get to you as fast as humanly possible.

I think this is why no matter how mad you are when you first walk into an apparent war-zone in your living room, as soon as you look your furbaby in the eyes all that anger just melts away.


What is your favorite pet shaming photo? Please share!

Green Tea Face Mist – DIY!

With Summer fast approaching, I have been scouring Pinterest for easy, fun DIY ideas.  Even though this isn’t pet related, one of my favorite ideas that I’ve come across is this easy DIY green tea face mist!  A perfect and simple new beach essential, it is simple to make and leaves your skin cool, refreshed and smooth.

green tea face mist

Green tea is full of antioxidants and will help repair dry, sun-damaged skin in addition to helping to cool you off on a hot summer day.  This feels great on your skin and smells awesome!

I didn’t take as many pictures as I meant to, but making this was kind of messy; and to be honest, I kind of forgot to keep up with photos!

  There are a few things that you’ll need to get started:

(I bought all of these at Wegmans, but these are similar items that I found on Amazon if you are interested.  **Disclaimer** – if you click on one of the links above and purchase the item, I may earn a tiny fee for your purchase, at no additional cost to you.)

There was an option to add in essential oil, but I forgot to buy this at the store.  Honestly, I like the smell as-is; but you can feel free to buy any essential oil scent to add in if you’d like!


  •  Brew a cup of tea, then stick in the fridge to cool it down.

green tea

  •  Take peeled, cucumber slices and blend them.  The directions said to puree, but I don’t have a fancy blender, so I just used my small smoothie blender.  That worked fine but left it a little bit clumpy, so I had to strain it to get rid of any chunks.  What you want to have left over is a thin liquid, like cucumber juice.  Is cucumber juice even a thing?  Haha


  • At this point, the tea should hopefully be cooled down.  Take the green tea and pour it into the spray bottle – I filled mine up about 3/4 full.
  • Add 2 spoonfuls of the cucumber juice
  • Add one spoonful of the Aloe Vera gel


  • Shake it to combine everything, and pop it in the fridge!

The directions say that this should last about a week in the fridge, but I’ll see how long I can get out of it.  As long as it doesn’t start to smell bad or leave my skin sticky or something, I don’t see why it couldn’t last longer.

With my Irish/German heritage, I am super super prone to sunburns.   I plan on giving this spray a shot when I get my first sunburn – I typically apply aloe gel to it anyway, so I feel like this mist would work just as well.  Plus, it’s easier to keep with me than a big bottle of aloe vera gel is!

If you guys wind up giving this DIY a try, let me know what you think!  If you have any other fun DIYs to keep me busy this summer, share them in the comments!

Have a good night

green tea face mist


Midnight Thoughts

It’s past midnight and I can’t sleep.  Have you ever been at a place in your life where everything just seems so stale?  Where each day is so routine and so predictable?  I wish that I had the funds to take a break for even just a long weekend, just to get away.


“Time is valuable, so spend yours wisely. This is true even when sitting alone in the space of your own mind.”

I constantly see bloggers, youtube “stars”, Instagram “celebs”, and become so jealous of how they are truly making a GOOD living doing what they love when they want to do it.  Those who make an income by simply traveling all over the world and posting beautiful pictures, how wonderful their lives must be.

Because of this, I have found myself spending a lot of time thinking about adding on more pet-sitting clients.  I do it fairly occasionally now, although the clients I petsit for typically use me for multiple weeks at a time.  Over that time, I am able to form such a strong bond with the pets staying with me.  It can be hectic at times – problems are bound to occur every now and then, and let’s be honest…who actually enjoys cleaning up dog poo or cat vomit?  Regardless, it’s something that I could make a fairly decent secondary income doing.  I typically charge $25 per day for each pet staying with me.  If I had a dog in my house each day for the entire year, that would be an extra $9125 in my pocket each year.  All for doing something that I truly enjoy!


Perhaps I should start heading to bed earlier than midnight someday…all I seem to do this late is daydream about the way that I wish things could be.  Ah well.

Until next time


Spotlight on Adoption!

I’ve been struggling recently when it comes to thinking of ideas for this blog.  I started it with the purpose of documenting the health struggles that my furbabies were going through; as a way for me to get my feelings out of my head.  However, since at the moment my kiddos are thankfully healthy, I haven’t had much to write about!  That got me to thinking – why not write about other animals who need help?  I spend so much time just “window shopping” on Petfinder, I may as well start sharing some of my favorite pets that are looking for homes.  Ready to adopt your next furry bundle of joy?   Read on!

This adoptable friend Maxine is one of THOSE cats. You know the kind. The kind that simply exudes sweetness and love. The kind that everyone who meets her is immediately smitten with.

maxmaxinemaxine_origMaxine has been at The K.A.T Shelter in Hilton, NY since 2006.  2006!  That’s over a decade spent in a shelter without a family of her own.  As you can see from these pictures, beautiful and super friendly snowy white Maxine totally enjoys spending time with her human pals.  Maxine requires daily eye cleaning, as with most white cats, she has a runny eye condition.  Maxine is about 14 years old, and she’s still dreaming of a home of her own where she can spend her senior years resting on a lap.  This ladycat is spayed, current on her vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV.  Won’t you come meet her today? You (and Maxine) will be glad you did!

Even though he was in the middle of posing for his selfies, this handsome big boy, Tuck, wanted to be sure to wish everybody a happy Easter. Such a thoughtful pup!
Tuck is about 8 years old. He’s still a little shy with new people but is really beginning to come out of his shell with all the love and attention he’s getting from the Ayres Animal Shelter staff and volunteers.  They have no doubt that he will positively blossom in a quiet forever home.  Tuck is neutered and current on his vaccinations.  He needs a home with no other dogs, cats, children.  Email the shelter to find out more information about him today!

Check out this super beautiful girl Liz Taylor!
. Doesn’t she look like she’s beckoning you to give her some love and attention? That’s because she is! You see, Liz Taylor
is one of the friendliest, gentlest (and adoptable!) cats ever.
Liz Taylor’s adoption fee has been sponsored by a generous supporter of Pet Adoption Network!  Liz was thoughtful enough to write her own bio for their website —
“Hello fans.  I know you can’t get enough of me.  I am so beautiful.  Today I am featuring  one of my newest pieces of jewelry.  Isn’t it lovely?  You might be able to have your own private interview with me, all you have to do is e-mail PAN and I will do whatever I can to make your wishes come true.”
To find out more information about her, just email the shelter –

Wait until you get a look at the pup who I saved for last. That sweetheart is the gentle, lap loving friend, Elsa. Unlike the Disney Princess by the same name, this little lady doesn’t have a bit of cold in her heart. She’s made of 100% warmth, love and goodness.
Elsa is about 3 years old and full of spunk.  She is spayed and current on her vaccinations.  Elsa would prefer to be the only dog in the house, but she has lived with other pets in the past, and she LOVES kids!  Elsa has so much love to give to whoever is lucky enough to adopt her. Is it you?
You can apply to adopt Elsa on their website –

I could post pictures of animals who need homes for hours and hours on end, but figured I’d keep this one pretty short.  What do you guys think?  Is this something you’d like to see more of?  Also, don’t forget…if you see any pup or kitty on here who you think would make a great fit for you or someone you know, apply to adopt them today!  Open your heart and your home…you won’t regret it.
Happy Easter <3

20 Ways to Save Money on Pet Expenses

Have you ever stopped to think about how much money you spend a year on your furry friends?  I sure know I have.  I’ve been forced to (even though most of the time I really don’t want to know!) because of the sheer amount of money I’ve been forced to spend over the past 4 years trying to keep my babies happy and healthy.  Take a few minutes and just guesstimate the cost of food, vet bills, medications, supplements, toys, and other goodies—it’s a lot!  My kiddos are worth every penny I spend on them, but it sure is nice when I can save a few dollars here and there. I’ve spent the past few weeks jotting down ideas on how to save just a little bit more money, and I think I’m ready to share how you can save money on pet expenses too!


1.  Adopt, don’t shop!
Find your furkid at a local shelter or rescue and you’ll save a lot of money!  Usually, the spay/neuter expense and some vaccinations are included in the adoption fee too. If you’re looking for a pure-bred dog or cat, check for a breed-specific rescue in your area.  Remember – when you adopt, you will save a loving animal by making them part of your family AND you’ll help open up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it.


2. Choose high-quality foods.

Cheap food offers little nutritional value and it will cost you more in the end with related health issues and higher vet bills.  Check foods to make sure that they’re produced in the USA, and make sure that they’re not jam-packed with fillers (like corn and grain) instead of focusing on animal protein.  The best pet food has meat (i.e., beef, turkey, lamb, salmon or chicken) in the first and second spots on the ingredient list.  As a bonus, pets will normally eat less (and poop less) when fed a high-quality food.

3. Higher prices don’t always mean higher quality.
Don’t just assume that expensive brands are always better or more nutritious. Take the time to compare labels and ingredients.

4. Take advantage of store promotions.
Most stores usually have some kind of loyalty card or program to help you save money.  Also, take advantage of those in-store surveys and coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt!

5. Order food and treats online.
It’s often cheaper and more convenient to order your dog’s food online. You’ll save time and gasoline and often you’ll get free shipping too. I love for their low prices and amazing customer service!  Also, did you know that Purina now has a program that allows them to ship prescription food right to your door?  Ask your vet how to sign up!

6. Choose the auto-ship option to save even more.
Auto Ship is the most convenient and cheapest way for you to get food and treats that you like to regularly order.  Some online stores even offer an additional discount if you have your food automatically shipped when you need it.  Plus, you will never need to worry about running out of food!

7. Make your own treats.
It’s easy to make homemade treats for your pets and most recipes require only a few ingredients you that probably already have on hand.  There are tons of recipes you can find online – for one of my favorite EASY treats to make, check out this blog post.

8. Give kibble as treats
This is also a great way to help with weight management. Most dogs are perfectly happy getting a few small pieces of their regular food instead of more expensive treats.


9. Look for freebies.
What’s better than free?!  Ask friends or post on facebook to see if anyone has pet items they no longer need. Chances are, someone has a dog crate or cat bed they would be happy to give away.  It’s also a great idea to follow your favorite brands on their social media pages – you’d be surprised at how many discounts and freebies companies give away to their loyal customers.

10. Always repurpose.
Instead of buying new, expensive pet items, repurpose household items you already have!  Turn a drawer from a dresser into an eco-friendly cat bed, old rake heads can be given new life as purposeful dog leash storage, use collars off of an old shirt to make a fun dog collar or cat toy; just to name a few ideas.


11. Don’t pay too much for toys.
Shop for toys at dollar stores, eBay, or other discount stores where prices are generally lower than prices at pet stores.  My dogs all-time favorite dolls was under $5 at Marshalls!  I’ve also purchased several brand new cat toys (even one cat scratcher that was still in a sealed box!) at Goodwill.


12. Prevention can save a lot of money.
Annual vet checks, preventative care, keeping your pet at a healthy weight, regular exercise, and parasite preventatives can prevent major health issues and expenses later on.

13. Consider pet insurance.
With recent trends showing that people are truly considering pets as part of their family, pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular.  Be sure to compare what each policy covers, read reviews, and ask friends, family, and vet staff if they have any experience with particular pet insurance plans.

14. Save money on grooming.
Stretch out the time between grooming appointments by leaving how to freshen up your pets at home. Try giving baths, minor hair trims and nail trims at home.  If you’re not sure how to perform something – just ask!  Most groomers should be willing to fill you in on their favorite grooming products, and most vets will happily give you a demo on how to safely cut your pet’s nails. If you need a bigger or more convenient space for giving dog baths, try a self-service pet wash station.

15. Hire someone to take care of your dog.

Paying a friend, family member, neighbor or local pet sitter might still be a better and cheaper option than paying to have your furbaby boarded at a kennel. Bonus! Your pets get to stay comfortably at home or with somebody they love.


16.  Buy preventatives in bulk.
Many preventatives are much cheaper when buying by the box instead of purchasing individual doses.  ALWAYS buy preventatives through your vet office – many companies only guarantee their products when they are purchased from a veterinary clinic.

17.  Have open communication with your vet.
It can be all too tempting to check with Dr.Google in an attempt to save a few bucks on pet care.  More often than not, searching online will do nothing but stress you out.  Be sure to call your vet with any questions or concerns that you may have about your pet’s health.  Also, be sure to let your vet know if you have a budget that needs to be worked around – you should be able to request an estimate prior to any services to make sure everything stays in your price range.

18. Ask for written prescriptions.
I don’t know about all pharmacies, but Wegmans pharmacy will occasionally have antibiotics for a significant discount at various times throughout the year.  Your vet’s top priority is helping your pet, and most are more than happy to write you a prescription to help save you some money.  Letting them know about the deals that your pharmacy is offering will end up not only helping you but when vets know that local pharmacies have products significantly cheaper, they are more likely to write out those prescriptions for other clients.

19. Seek out organizations that can help.
If your pet requires care that you can’t afford, there are organizations that may be able to help.  The Humane Society has a short list of animal welfare groups that are designed to assist people who need help.

20. Get Pets Spayed or Neutered
Yes, this last suggestion is bolded for a reason.  One of the most important things you can do both for your pet and for your wallet is to make sure all of your pets are fixed.  Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and mammary tumors while neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems.  The cost of your pet’s spay/neuter surgery is far less than the cost of the major surgeries involved with treating the above issues, not to mention the cost of having and caring for a litter of puppies or kittens.


Be sure to share in the comments if you have any other frugal pet tips!