5 easy ways to make your pets day!

These easy acts will help keep your fur baby happy – and keep you happy, too!


  1. Rotate toys

Some people only have one or two toys out at a time, while other people (like me!) have hundreds of toys laying around the house.  Just like kids, dogs and cats can, and DO, get bored with toys, and like playing with new things.  I’ll admit it, I go overboard when it comes to constantly buying them new toys.  However, I’ve noticed that by putting their toys on rotation, my kiddos seem to forget about the toys that are hidden away.  When I rotate in some of the older toys, it’s as if they are brand new again, and they quickly become the new favorite toys.  Trust me, it works!


These are some of Zucchini’s favorite toys!  They’re pretty sturdy, too.

  1. Respect their privacy!

It can be easy to overlook, but pets need privacy, too!  Cats tend to appreciate privacy the most, especially when it comes to the litter box!  Try keeping litter boxes in low-traffic areas, and consider including at least one litter box with a lid on it.  While a lot of dogs tend to prefer being around their family, sometimes they need to retreat to a quiet, special place of their own.  This is especially useful when they want to stay away from rambunctious children or loud noises like fireworks.  Try keeping a small doghouse or dog bed in a small space like a closet or bedroom.


  1. Feed them well!

The right diet is extremely important to both the happiness and wellbeing of your furry friends.  Don’t buy into popular “fad diets” – just like human fad diets, the current pet craze isn’t always the best option for your pet.  While some dogs and cats may thrive on grain-free, raw, or the most expensive food in the market, for most pets it’s simply unnecessary.  If you’re not sure what diet or brand of food to choose, talk to your veterinarian!  He or she will be happy to help you find the best plan for your fur baby.


  1. Go on walks!

While this one may apply more to dogs, cats can benefit from supervised outdoor time too!  Going on walks isn’t just good for exercise, it’s good for your pet’s mind, as well.  Imagine if you were stuck in the house all day every day for your entire life!    For dogs, they get so excited for daily walks because they get to experience new things, and sometimes they even get to meet new people and other dogs!  You can benefit from daily walks as well – what a peaceful way to spend quality time with your furkid!


  1. Build in a view

This is one more aimed towards kitty friends, but dogs can benefit from a great view as well!  Giving a view of the outside world, especially for pets who don’t get a lot of outdoor time, is a great way to make them happy!  Being able to look out of a window to see everything going on in the world around them can be extremely relaxing for your dog or cat.  Not to mention, have you ever seen a cat who DOESN’T like watching the birds and squirrels??6

These are just a handful of literally unlimited ways to keep your cats and dogs as happy as possible.  When providing mental and physical stimulation for pets, remember that they each have their own personalities and charms – that is one of the most satisfying parts of the relationship!  What is your favorite way to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible?