ARTIE REVIEWS! Gingerbread House Cat Scratcher

With the holiday season finally over, one thing is for certain – I spent WAY too much money on my pets!  Something occurred to me as I was opening their gifts – there really wasn’t much feedback on anything that I bought, aside from an occasional 3-word review on whatever site I purchased the items from.  I really had no idea what to expect from most of these items.  How would the quality be?  Would my pets even like these things?  So, I figured I’d take a few of the things I bought and show you exactly what my pets think of them!

Up first – a gingerbread house cat scratcher, made by Companion Gear.

I can’t find this exact thing on Amazon at the moment, but this appears to be the most similar if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Overall, Artie seemed to really enjoy the catnip that came with the scratcher.  My first impression is that it seemed very flimsy, and sure enough, as soon as Linus attempted to go inside to play it fell apart.  I used some duct tape to put it back together, and all three cats have been successfully playing with it ever since.  The cat scratcher in this video was under $10, and since the one that I linked to above is significantly more expensive, perhaps it will be more sturdy than this is.  In the case of the Companion Gear product, you get what you pay for.

I’ve got a couple more videos that I’m working on — if this is something that you guys like, let me know!  My furbabies are SPOILED and are constantly getting new things, so I can record reviews of just about anything to let you see first hand how cats and dogs like or dislike them.

Happy New Year!!!