Anxiety and Nerves

Lately, it seems that my anxiety and nerves are getting the best of me.  With good reason, too.  One week ago today, I thought that I was going to lose Burger…and honestly, I still may.  He was so weak that he couldn’t even lift his head up.  His breathing was slow, his blood pressure was down to 48, his temperature was 96.  He was in kidney failure and declining rapidly.  I brought him into work fully expecting for my vet to agree that it was his time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge and join Oreo again.  My heart was beyond broken.    To my surprise, Burgers vet said that she wanted to give him one more chance.  She hooked him up to IV fluids, gave him injectable antibiotics, had him on a heating pad, and hoped for the best.  As the day progressed, so did he.  He went back for fluids Friday and Saturday, and by the end of the day Saturday, he was acting so much better.  Still wobbly, but more or less back to normal.  I rechecked bloodwork on him yesterday, and his levels are better than they were on Monday last week, but overall are still pretty shitty.  I’m giving him sub-q fluids once daily at home and liquid antibiotics, and hoping for the best.  I still have such a bad feeling about this, but I am trying to push that out of my mind as best as I can.  I have done anything and everything Burger has needed to keep him healthy, and as long as he is willing to keep fighting, I will keep fighting for him.


Over the past 2 days, I have been in so much physical pain on top of the emotional stress that I’m dealing with.  Tuesday started out with my tailbone being incredibly sore – I was racking my brain trying to think of how I could have injured it, but I couldn’t come up with anything.  Midway through the day, I had what felt like a charley horse radiate through my middle and lower back.  The pain stuck with me for the remainder of the day.  Overnight, the pain spread around my left hip, and now my groin is incredibly painful and swollen as well.  It keeps slowly spreading all over my lower back/groin/pelvis area.  I have no idea whats going on, but I hurt so bad it’s making me nauseous.  I have a dr appt tomorrow at noon to try to figure out what is going on.  Doctor Google is telling me that it’s either an ovarian cyst or cervical cancer, so that’s something to look forward to.  F’n google.


I do have some exciting news that I’ll go into at a different time… some pretty big changes are coming my way.   So at least I have that to look forward to!

Goodnight for now

Wordless Wednesday

Okay…maybe not completely wordless.
My Burger is sick…potentially VERY sick.
In exactly 2 weeks, it will be one whole year since I lost Oreo.
I don’t know how a whole year has passed by.
I never thought that I could survive a day without him, much less a year.  He was my heart, and Burger is my soul.

Burger hasn’t been the same since Oreo left us.
He was always so playful, always grooming Oreo and Frenchie.
Since Oreo has been gone, Burger tends to keep to himself.  Occasionally I’ll see him play with a toy when there are no other cats around, but otherwise, he just likes to sleep and stare out the window at the birds.  He still misses Oreo just as much as I do.

I’m so scared.
I can’t lose him too.

It’s Awesome Being a Pet Mom

It is awesome being a pet mom.   I loved my pets dearly growing up, but Oreo brought it to a whole new level.  He brought so much joy to my life for nine years, five months and six days. I miss him so much. Oreo and I developed a special bond, and I’m forever grateful for all the amazing things he provided me.  After he came into my life, I noticed the rest of my pets started to become less like “pets” and more like “children” to me.  Each of them with their own distinct personalities; each of them unbelievably devoted and loving.


5 Reasons It’s Awesome to be a Pet Mom:

1.  Oreo gave me a reason to smile every single day.  His smile was contagious and brought happiness to my day, no matter how hard my day had been.

“Anyone can make you SMILE but it takes Someone Special to make You HAPPY.”


2.  Linus is teaching me to embrace my fears by being so adventurous.  My little noodle greets each day with a sense of bold adventure, he’s never afraid of anything.  He knows how to always bring out the best in me.


3.  Frenchie is always at my side when I need her most.  She was right next to me as I was grieving Oreos passing.  Most days, she was the sole reason that I would smile.  She would lay next to Burger, giving him comfort while he was mourning as well.  People who think that animals don’t feel emotions like people do could not be more wrong.  “There is no greater comfort than the silent devoted companionship of my cat.”


4.  “Life is a succession of moments, live each one as a Golden Moment.”  LIVE in the MOMENT is a positive way of living your life.  A wonderful dog lesson I am currently learning from Skai.  She is the most happy-go-lucky dog, treating each new experience as the most awesome, exciting moment she’s ever experienced.


5. Unconditional LOVE


Unconditional LOVE is one of life’s most beautiful gifts.  Burger has enriched my life in many ways.  He has loved me unconditionally for so many years since that very first moment I met him.  Burger was also Oreo’s best friend.  They bonded immediately and helped each other get through so many illnesses.  If they did not have each other to fall back on, I really don’t think Oreo would have lasted as long with his cancer as he did, and I don’t think Burger would have survived his blood clot.


If you’re lucky …
a dog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything…

13 Of The Best Gifts for Pet Moms!

 Happy Mothers Day to all of the human AND pet moms out there!  On this beautiful (but chilly) relaxing day, I spent some time browsing Amazon, looking for a perfect gift for myself.  What?  My cats can’t buy me presents, so I have to do it for them!  Here are some things that I stumbled across and fell in love with:

  1. This shirt, which perfectly describes how I felt every single day off last year.  The only times I ever wanted to talk to anyone other than Oreo was when I was saying “Thank You” to the delivery man dropping off a pizza.


2.   I can’t fall asleep unless at least one of my pets are right there next to me.


This pillow just may make it a little bit easier if I ever need to stay the night somewhere else.

3.                                               Why is this so cute?!


And, just like that, I suddenly need to own more jewelry.

4.                              I’m feline myself with this flask (ha ha ha).


Anytime, anywhere, if I need to take the edge off…I can do so in purrfect fashion.

5.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything more perfect for me in my life!


Matching shirts for one of the cats (or for Skai) and I?  Awesome!  The fact that it’s of a Burger and French Fries?  It’s destiny.

6.  Adorn your nails with these adorable dog-themed nail decals!


With Summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a mani/pedi anyway…why not take the opportunity to show the world your love for your pet?!

7.  I can’t think of any better motivation to learn how to bake than these kitty cookie cutters!


These would not only be perfect to make cookies for humans, but how cute would cat-shaped cat treats be?

8.                                           A super amazing kitty hoodie!

Capture Because duh.

9.                                  The cutest toilet brush you’ll ever see.


Because if you need to have a toilet brush in the house, it might as well be cute AF.

10.                 A dog measuring cup/measuring spoon set!


More motivation for me to learn how to cook!

11.   I’ve been trying to work on my green thumb, and this succculant planter is a super cute addition to my hopefully soon to be blossoming garden.


12.   Literally the cutest bath mat I’ve ever seen in my life.


This would look great in any room in my house, now that I think about it.  It’s so cute that I’d almost feel bad stepping on it.

13.        Last but not least, these unbreakable wine glasses that are purrfect for lounging on the beach!


I may or may not have bought the majority of the things on this list.  Partly because I have no self-control, and partly because…YOLO.

Happy Mothers Day!


Pet Shaming 101

I’m sure that at some point recently you’ve stumbled across of an example or two of pet shaming.  You know what I mean – the ones with a happy dog with a goofy expression on his face wearing a sign around his neck that says “Mom left the house for a few minutes to get the mail and I panicked and ate the couch”.   Or maybe one with a smug looking cat whose sign says “I puked in mom’s shoes – twice”.   These posts always make me laugh – in large part because I can relate to them so much!  My little monsters are ALWAYS getting into some kind of trouble.  I finally decided to start documenting their antics.  You’ll never guess who the first kitty to make it to the wall of shame was…Pet Shaming Linus

Of course, it was Linus.  Is anyone really surprised?  This little noodle is the sweetest kitty in the universe but gets in to SO.MUCH.TROUBLE!!

My personal theory is that cats do things to make you mad because they want to keep you on your toes.  They’re little assholes, but deep down want to make sure that you’re always ready for any unexpected disaster that may occur.  In a cats mind, the best way to prepare is by fishing your hair tie out of a toilet, or cleaning up a roll of paper towel that the cat wrapped throughout the entire house.  It helps you keep your eyes open, get some exercise, and hopefully be prepared for any pending doom.

Dogs, on the other hand, are the complete opposite.  I think of dogs like over-excited toddlers.  Little kids who ate too much sugar.  They get SO EXCITED to see your car pulling into the driveway that the only appropriate way to show you how happy they are to see you is to dive right through the screen door to get to you as fast as humanly possible.

I think this is why no matter how mad you are when you first walk into an apparent war-zone in your living room, as soon as you look your furbaby in the eyes all that anger just melts away.


What is your favorite pet shaming photo? Please share!