100 Best Food Names For Pets In 2019

If you know me, you should know by now that I’m pretty obsessed with food-related pet names. I keep a list on my phone with potential names for new pets, and while the list is alphabetized in my phone, I decided to share them below by ranking my favorites. If you’re looking for names for your new cat or dog, this roundup is a great place to start. I tried to pick some unique names along with classics. There’s a food name on this list for every style, and for every pets personality!



Obviously, my favorite names are the ones that I’ve already named my pets!

1. Oreo

2. Burger

3. French Fry

4. Linguini (Linus Linguini!)

5. Asiago (Artie Asiago!)

6. Zucchini


94 More Fabulous Food Themed Pet Names:

7. Avocado

8. Popcorn

9. Sage

10. Alfredo

11. Guinness

12. Candy

13. Gravy

14. Pancake

15. Martini

16. Cheerio

17. Kiwi

18. Jellybean

19. Banana

20. Nutmeg

21. Merlot

22. Mango

23. Pepperoni

24. Ramen

25. Peaches

26. Pistachio

27. Pickle

28. Taco

29. Ravioli

30. Bacardi

31. Bacon

32. Wasabi

33. Grapefruit

34. Jalapeño

35. Raisin

36. Brownie

37. Queso

38. Chipotle

39. Pepper

40. Pineapple

41. Fettuccine

42. Sushi

43. Skittles

44. Waffles

45. Sorbet

46. Snickerdoodle

47. Potato

48. Snickers

49. Fig

50. Salmon

51. Dorito

52. Garbanzo

53. Marshmallow

54. Poptart

55. Meatball

56. Meatloaf

57. Wonton

58. Basil

59. Biscotti

60. Macaroni

61. Chip

62. Tequila

63. Ginger

64. Fritos

65. Blueberry

66. Mojito

67. Caramel

68. Papaya

69. Fudge

70. Artichoke

71. Margarita

72. Huckleberry

73. Dumpling

74. Walnut

75. Cobbler

76. Nacho

77. Butterscotch

78. Burrito

79. Tuna

80. Squash

81. Cannoli

82. Nutella

83. Quiche

84. Muffin

85. Cantaloupe

86. Panini

87. Plum

88. Ziti

89. Tomato

90. Sangria

91. Hummus

92. CreamPuff

93. Goji

94. Tofu


Choosing the Best Food-Themed Name:

I get it! Your new pet is special, and their name deserves to fit them perfectly. Finding the ideal name doesn’t need to be hard, though. Just consider their personality: a feisty Alfredo or an aloof Banana? A sassy Nacho or a playful Mango? The sky’s the limit!

Of course, sometimes the most obvious name choices come from their coat color. A beautiful Maine Coon with luscious orange locks? Clearly a Cheeto. A pleasantly plump white beauty? Marshmallow, anyone? Think of a name that makes you smile, and go with it!


Need Pet Sitting?

I’ve been slowly getting back into some pet sitting! I had taken a break from it when Oreo and Burger were sick, as I had too much on my plate already. However, it’s something that I’ve always loved doing. If you’re going out of town and need someone to watch your cats or dogs, and you’re in the Rochester, NY area – email me ( amyyyyg@gmail.com)! I have a lot of people who are surprised when I say this, but when pet sitting, I’ve noticed that I seem to watch way more cats than I do dogs. Sure, cats seem to be more independent than dogs, but they need attention, playtime, and treats when you’re gone, too! Now that you’ve hopefully found the best pet name, it’s time to find them the perfect sitter (me! Duh!)


5 easy ways to make your pets day!

These easy acts will help keep your fur baby happy – and keep you happy, too!


  1. Rotate toys

Some people only have one or two toys out at a time, while other people (like me!) have hundreds of toys laying around the house.  Just like kids, dogs and cats can, and DO, get bored with toys, and like playing with new things.  I’ll admit it, I go overboard when it comes to constantly buying them new toys.  However, I’ve noticed that by putting their toys on rotation, my kiddos seem to forget about the toys that are hidden away.  When I rotate in some of the older toys, it’s as if they are brand new again, and they quickly become the new favorite toys.  Trust me, it works!


These are some of Zucchini’s favorite toys!  They’re pretty sturdy, too.

  1. Respect their privacy!

It can be easy to overlook, but pets need privacy, too!  Cats tend to appreciate privacy the most, especially when it comes to the litter box!  Try keeping litter boxes in low-traffic areas, and consider including at least one litter box with a lid on it.  While a lot of dogs tend to prefer being around their family, sometimes they need to retreat to a quiet, special place of their own.  This is especially useful when they want to stay away from rambunctious children or loud noises like fireworks.  Try keeping a small doghouse or dog bed in a small space like a closet or bedroom.


  1. Feed them well!

The right diet is extremely important to both the happiness and wellbeing of your furry friends.  Don’t buy into popular “fad diets” – just like human fad diets, the current pet craze isn’t always the best option for your pet.  While some dogs and cats may thrive on grain-free, raw, or the most expensive food in the market, for most pets it’s simply unnecessary.  If you’re not sure what diet or brand of food to choose, talk to your veterinarian!  He or she will be happy to help you find the best plan for your fur baby.


  1. Go on walks!

While this one may apply more to dogs, cats can benefit from supervised outdoor time too!  Going on walks isn’t just good for exercise, it’s good for your pet’s mind, as well.  Imagine if you were stuck in the house all day every day for your entire life!    For dogs, they get so excited for daily walks because they get to experience new things, and sometimes they even get to meet new people and other dogs!  You can benefit from daily walks as well – what a peaceful way to spend quality time with your furkid!


  1. Build in a view

This is one more aimed towards kitty friends, but dogs can benefit from a great view as well!  Giving a view of the outside world, especially for pets who don’t get a lot of outdoor time, is a great way to make them happy!  Being able to look out of a window to see everything going on in the world around them can be extremely relaxing for your dog or cat.  Not to mention, have you ever seen a cat who DOESN’T like watching the birds and squirrels??6

These are just a handful of literally unlimited ways to keep your cats and dogs as happy as possible.  When providing mental and physical stimulation for pets, remember that they each have their own personalities and charms – that is one of the most satisfying parts of the relationship!  What is your favorite way to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible?

ARTIE REVIEWS! Gingerbread House Cat Scratcher

With the holiday season finally over, one thing is for certain – I spent WAY too much money on my pets!  Something occurred to me as I was opening their gifts – there really wasn’t much feedback on anything that I bought, aside from an occasional 3-word review on whatever site I purchased the items from.  I really had no idea what to expect from most of these items.  How would the quality be?  Would my pets even like these things?  So, I figured I’d take a few of the things I bought and show you exactly what my pets think of them!

Up first – a gingerbread house cat scratcher, made by Companion Gear.

I can’t find this exact thing on Amazon at the moment, but this appears to be the most similar if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Overall, Artie seemed to really enjoy the catnip that came with the scratcher.  My first impression is that it seemed very flimsy, and sure enough, as soon as Linus attempted to go inside to play it fell apart.  I used some duct tape to put it back together, and all three cats have been successfully playing with it ever since.  The cat scratcher in this video was under $10, and since the one that I linked to above is significantly more expensive, perhaps it will be more sturdy than this is.  In the case of the Companion Gear product, you get what you pay for.

I’ve got a couple more videos that I’m working on — if this is something that you guys like, let me know!  My furbabies are SPOILED and are constantly getting new things, so I can record reviews of just about anything to let you see first hand how cats and dogs like or dislike them.

Happy New Year!!!

Meet Zucchini! Plus a review of Pet Odor Eliminator scent Sugar Skull!


Around two months ago, a sweet little American Bully was brought into my work to have her third litter of puppies.  Normally pretty routine – her then-owners are experienced breeders.  This time, however, something went wrong.  More than half of her puppies came out already dead, and over the next few days the remaining ones passed away as well.  Mama was fighting for her life herself – she had gone septic and was in really poor shape.  Her owners elected to put her down, and that was supposed to be the end of her story.  My coworkers and I were really sad at this decision – yes she was really sick, but she’s only 3.5 years old!  She deserved a fighting chance.  My boss agreed to treat her if her owners signed her over to the hospital instead of euthanizing, and thankfully they agreed.  She had about a 50/50 chance of pulling through, there were no promises.  She looked SO sick, couldn’t hold anything down, and wouldn’t even pick her head up.  It didn’t look very promising.

Well…clearly since I’m posting this story, she pulled through   We had her connected to IV fluids and antibiotics, along with several other medications, and after 24 hours or so, her little body decided that it wanted to live, and knew that to do so it would have to fight.  So fight she did.  Every day she was looking better and better.  Coworkers and I took turns bringing her home over the weekends so that she wouldn’t have to spend them alone at work in a crate.  7DEB7313-E1BC-4048-A23F-81E27E7440DB

It was never my intention to adopt this little monkey.  Other coworkers were extremely interested in her, the thought didn’t really cross my mind.  However, the first weekend she stayed with me, it was like a light switch flipped.  She became glued to my side.  At work, if other people had her out and she saw me, she’d run right to me and follow me around.  She’d always stay right at my feet staring straight up at me as if she wanted to make sure that I was in her sight 24/7.  The second weekend I took her home, I let her off of the leash that I had kept her on the first weekend.  She immediately started playing with Linus – they are absolute best friends now.


So, despite my best efforts of self-control and my reluctance to have another dog while I was still grieving Oreo, this little one became mine.  I absolutely hated the name that she came with, and with the help of friends commenting on a Facebook post I made, settled on the name Zucchini.  I’m not sure how, but it fits her perfectly.

Right away it became clear that Zucchini was going to fit right into my family.  She acclimated to the cats right away, accepting that each of them has different personalities and treating them as such.  As I mentioned earlier, Linus and Zuzu are best buds and wrestle-mates.  She is SO gentle with him – when he wants to play, she rolls right over onto her back, giving him complete control of how long and active they play.  Burger isn’t big into playing these days, so when Zucchini wants to spend time with him, she’ll belly crawl over to him and gently lay down next to him, slowly inching closer until they’re cuddling.  Artie and Frenchie were initially TERRIFIED of Zuzu.  She started just laying down and not moving when she saw them, waiting patiently for them to get brave enough to come over and check her out.7B0D2652-96B5-4CE6-9AF8-7A7793B157C6 So, you may be wondering why I decided to make this “meet Zucchini” post also about pet odor eliminators.  Zuzu spent most of her life in a run.  She was used for breeding, and because of that, she didn’t get to experience a lot of things that normal dogs do.  One of those things is apparently potty training.  When I first brought her home with me, I bought a crate to keep her in while I was at work.  I was sure to buy a crate that wasn’t too big for her, and I would leave her food bowl and water bowls in the crate.  When I was home, I would let her outside every 2-3 hours.  I treated her like I would have if she was 3 months old instead of 3 years.  Most dogs won’t pee and poop in their crates, especially if that’s where their food and drink are well.  Zuzu never got that message, apparently.  I would take her outside and encourage her to go potty, sometimes she would, other times not.  Regardless, EVERY time I would get home from work, she would have peed and pooped in her crate.  I tried taking the dog bed out of the crate and replacing it with potty pads, and then she started to pee and poop around the house.  I’ve accepted the fact that my house will always be covered in cat hair, but I will NOT become one of those people whose houses smack you in the face with ammonia as soon as you walk by.  We carry the Pet Odor Eliminators at my job, and they work SO well!  Combine that with my obsession of skull things, and this spray was clearly a no-brainer.  E470F812-83F2-48F5-8090-D0437F9E110F I had never seen this scent before, and given that Amazon didn’t give a great description of the scent, I was a little bit nervous.  Typically the scents I buy are food related, so I know exactly what I’m getting into (I highly recommend the blueberry cobbler scent! 🤤).  The spray is pretty cheap right now on Amazon if you wanted to check it out, you can find it here


Anyway, this stuff works SO well, and smells amazing.  Zucchini crapped on her dog bed, and after I cleaned it up like normal I just applied a small spritz of this (as opposed to needing practically a whole bottle of Febreeze), and the smell was GONE.  This smells kind of like a men’s cologne – lavender, sandalwood and spice notes.  Literally, one spritz took the smell out of the entire living room; it’s one of the stronger smelling sprays that I’ve used.


For the record, if the pet odor variety sells out, they also make legit the same exact thing targeted towards smokers, if you go to amazon I usually see them listed in the “people also bought…” section.  I haven’t tried the smoker one specifically, but imagine that it would smell the same and work just as well.  It also comes in a candle version, but candles make me nervous because my cats are clumsy assholes.  That being said, we keep them lit at work and they literally last for at least a full month being lit 60 hours a week.  Whenever a doggo decides to have a little accident in our lobby, the candles are strong enough to completely eliminate the stench in minutes.  These are literally the best.  Everyone knows how obsessed i am with bath & body works Wallflower plug-ins, and i can honestly say that if they made these in plug-in versions, I would never buy another brand again.

Okay, non-sponsored sales pitch over 🤣